Board of Directors

Nine members of the DivSeek International Network Inc. Board of Directors were elected to serve for periods of two and three years, from April 2021.

  • Yasmina El Bahloul

    Yasmina is a plant breeder, graduated from Agronomy and Veterinary Hassan II Institute (Morroco), with a PhD in biology...

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  • Robert Davey

    Rob is the Head of Research e-Infrastructure at the Earlham Institute (EI), where he leads both the...

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  • Sarah Hearne

    Hearne's work focuses on the exploration and application of native genetic variation in crop improvement.

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  • Stephen Kresovich

    Stephen Kresovich is the Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Chair of Genetics in the Department of Plant...

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  • Emily Marden

    Emily Marden is a practicing regulatory attorney and is a research associate in the School of Law...

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  • Christopher Richards*

    Dr. Richards received his MS in molecular biology at Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Genetics...

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  • Julia Sibiya

    Julia Sibiya is an Associate Professor of Plant Breeding in the School of Agricultural, Earth...

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  • Prof. Dr. Nils Stein

    Nils research is at the forefront of plant breeding by developing genomic tools, mapping of agronomic traits...

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* “Special Members” have voting rights in the Corporation and individuals associated with Special Members may be elected to the Board of the Corporation, but have no fiduciary responsibility to or on behalf of the Corporation. This category is available solely to those (individuals) who have restrictions based on their employment status. A member will be designated as Special Member upon agreement of the Board.

Board Observers

Former Directors