FAQs about DivSeek Intl

What is DivSeek Intl ?

DivSeek Intl is a community driven effort that aims to use digital data to unlock the potential of crop diversity stored around the globe for food and nutritional security, and to work with other stakeholders to positively contribute to the societal and economic well being of individuals, communities and societies.

What is the mission of DivSeek Intl?

The mission of DivSeek Intl is to bridge the information requirements of gene bank curators, plant breeders, farmers and upstream biological researchers to facilitate the use of plant genetic variation for accelerated crop improvement, and ultimately, to enhance farmers’ ability to provide food and agricultural products for a growing human population.

What are the goals of DivSeek Intl?

DivSeek Intl aims to collaboratively establish a world-wide community of practice that defines standards regarding the acquisition, storage, retrieval and analysis of genotypic, phenotypic and environmental data related to plant genetic resources.

How do I become a member of DivSeek Intl?

Membership in DivSeek Intl is open to organizations who share our mission of to mobilize to use natural genetic variation to accelerate crop improvement and enhance food and nutritional security. 

Member organizations support DivSeek Intl by voluntarily participating in working groups, regularly attending our roundtables and meetings, and by providing advice and support as we fulfill our mission.

If your organization is interested in becoming a DivSeek Intl member, please download, complete and return the membership application to info@divseekintl.org. Current DivSeek Intl members are listed here.

Is DivSeek Intl a funding agency?

No, DivSeek Intl is not a funding agency.

Is DivSeek Intl sequencing genomes?

DivSeek Intl is not sequencing genomes but many of the projects undertaken by DivSeek Intl partner organizations are carrying out genotypic and phenotypic analysis. DivSeek Intl provides a place for those projects and associated researchers to come together to exchange ideas and best practices, and to work towards synchronizing and reinforcing global efforts.

Does DivSeek Intl manage germplasm collections?

DivSeek Intl does not manage any germplasm collections.

Does DivSeek Intl store data?

DivSeek Intl does not store data. All data generated by DivSeek Intl partner organizations remains the property and responsibility of the data generator/producer. DivSeek Intl does promote the submission of data to appropriate repositories where possible.

How does DivSeek Intl interact with other initiatives that manage information about crop genetic diversity?

The DivSeek Intl initiative aims to work with existing, emerging and future initiatives to ensure the development of a unified, coordinated and cohesive information management system(s) for crop germplasm. DivSeek Intl supports the use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for germplasm as promoted by the Global Information System of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. DivSeek Intl aims to bring projects, institutions and initiatives together to enable synergies and collaboratively establish a set of core standards and operating principles to facilitate data exchange, integration and interoperability for genotypic, phenotypic and environmental data associated with crop diversity.

How does DivSeek Intl promote benefit-sharing?

DivSeek Intl contributes to equitable benefit sharing by promoting access to information about PGRFA in a form that will help developing countries benefit from modern approaches to understanding and utilizing the genetic diversity of plants.

How does DivSeek Intl interact with the multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing (MLS) of the international treaty on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture?

DivSeek Intl is an independent body with no formal relationship with the MLS. DivSeek Intl is supportive of the goals of the MLS and welcomes the active participation of the Secretariat of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture on all matters of mutual interest. The Secretariat, similar to each individual DivSeek Intl member organization, has its own mandate and workplan, and may seek to engage DivSeek Intl and other DivSeek Intl partners as appropriate, including for example via Working Groups, consultations, task teams etc.

What is the relationship of DivSeek Intl with other conventions and multilateral frameworks?

Within the scope and mandate of the initiative, the DivSeek Intl community actively monitors developments and opportunities arising in international fora, to ensure that is activities and initiatives align with international developments and norms of cooperation. Recognizing the value of open data approaches to advancing agricultural development, DivSeek Intl has joined GODAN (http://www.godan.info).