Overwhelming Interest for DivSeek Intl!

December 8, 2014

An overwhelming number of 69 institutions from the public sector have expressed their interest to join the DivSeek Intl initiative! This is a clear testament to the importance and timeliness of the DivSeek Intl initiative. Some initial discussions with several private sector entities have also started.

The first partner’s assembly has now been scheduled for the 9th of January to take place in San Diego. Two representatives from each organization that has signed the letter have been invited to attend. The main topic of discussion during the partner assembly in the morning will be the governance structure of the initiative and the afternoon will be devoted to a technical meeting during which the DivSeek Intl partner institutions will set the priorities for the first DivSeek Intl program of work.

Once the governance structure has been agreed by the initial set of DivSeek Intl partners, any institutions interested to join the initiative can do so by adopting the governance charter. We are very much looking forward to this first meeting of the DivSeek Intl partnership!