International Policy and Training

Group goal

Increase awareness and education about the biodiversity and relevance of Plant Genetic Resources.


  • In partnership with related networks and other stakeholders, we will establish DivSeek as an authoritative reference source for digital information about plant genetic resources. This will require the development of a clear and consistent approach to provide digital information that adds value to current plant genetic resources.
  • We will develop information-led mechanisms that enable DivSeek members, other researchers, breeders, and stakeholders to access and use plant genetic resources in a manner consistent with the Plant Treaty, Convention on Biological Diversity and Nagoya Protocol, in light of existing ambiguities in the application and interpretation of such conventions.
  • We will formulate key messages that address how digital information may facilitate access to and the exchange and use of plant genetic resources, and that highlight our obligations for the responsible use and safeguarding of such information.


Generation of educational and training materials, including those that contribute to formal educational programs for the next generation of plant genetic resources managers. Organization of seminars and workshops. Position papers and peer-reviewed publications outlining the current state of the art in plant genetic resources, and associated responsibilities.

Through regional and thematic hubs, we will identify training/ education requirements in different contexts, provide means of dissemination to national and regional audiences, and identify opportunities for funders to contribute to our educational and training objectives.

Who Benefits

The broad community of researchers, breeders, policy makers, farmers, and industries adding value to the plant-based value chain, as well as the environment and general public.


  • Greater awareness of the challenges/opportunities in managing data relating to plant genetic resources.
  • Deeper understanding of mechanisms, obligations and technologies available to facilitate access to and the use of plant genetic resources, particularly for access and benefit sharing.

Group Leaders

Emily Marden (University of British Columbia) and Brad Sherman (University of Queensland)