Germinate PGR database Hub

The DivSeek International Thematic Hub for Germinate aims to extend and promote ‘Germinate Hub’ as a common and scalable data infrastructure platform and community focal point suited to a wide range of users who are primarily studying collections of germplasm of different sizes and complexities.

Co-leads: Paul Shaw​; ​Sebastian Raubach; Glenn Bryan; ​Joanne Russell and Robbie Waugh. The James Hutton Institute

Presentation slides (.pdf) from DivSeek AGM 2022, and video of presentation (starts from 30m12s)

2021 update on Activities:
  • We are continuing discussions with groups who are interested in using Germinate (a continuation from the work detailed in our previous report which is attached) and are now working towards developing a more formalised Germinate “steering” group.
  • We are developing online training materials that discuss Germinate (and other tools) that we have made public. As well as some talks which we will make publicly available.
  • We continue to promote Germinate through our GitHub account
  • Discussions with IPK about using their MIAPPE code with Germinate to allow us to develop MIAPPE compliance (ongoing)
  • Continued updates to data for CPC potato database (continual updates as required
  • Continued updated to data for Ethiopian barley database (continual updates as required)
  • Working now with new ionomics data which we are putting infrastructure into place to store and visualize. (Underway – prototype development)
  • Feedback from users on what features they would like to see based on Germinate meetings within both the academic and commercial communities. (Always ongoing)
    • Existing and upcoming projects which we are funded by the Crop Trust (Crop Trust CWR, Templeton Pre-Breeding and Innovative Finance) align with the DivSeek goals and are complimentary. (Ongoing highlighting and developing links between projects)