Regional Hubs

During 2020 DivSeek Intl launched 11 Hub Pilots in North, Central & S. America, Australasia, India, Africa and Europe. Led by teams of independent researchers, the initial Pilot phase is for a minimum of one year and will provide a framework to identify opportunities for formalization of inter-regional collaborations, leveraging of regional capacity and supporting the training needs of young researchers.

Activities in the Hub Pilots include:

  • Identifying common practices for the characterization of emerging crops, recently domesticated and novel crops, locally adapted germplasm and regionally important crops, including African staple food crops.
  • Providing evidence-based perspectives for sharing information about plant genetic resources, the technological requirements for data-sharing across constituencies, and non-monetary benefit sharing practices of researchers that align with international treaties.
  • Deploying advanced analytics including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to develop efficient crop diversity exploration strategies and identify gaps in germplasm collections.
  • Using chickpeas and durum wheat as case studies for the pragmatic management of plant genetic resources and dissemination of genetic knowledge.
  • Facilitating connections between culinary experts, anthropologists, sociologists, ecologists, database engineers, genomic and phenomics experts to expand the characterization of crop diversity to include flavor, culinary uses, and traditional agricultural practices
Regional Hubs
Thematic Hubs