Australasian Hub

The DivSeek International Regional Hub for Australasia aims to provide a focus for: Development of tools, information management and working practices for characterisation of minor, new and emerging crops, including recently or novel domesticated crops from indigenous flora and locally adapted germplasm as well as medicinal and therapeutic plants; and provide insights into implementation of Nagoya Protocol including issues related to Indigenous knowledge, advancement of the status of historical collections.

Co-leads:  Andy Lowe, U. Adelaide; Kioumars Ghamkar, AgResearch, New Zealand; Robert Henry and Brad Sherman, University of Queensland

2021 update on Activities:
  • Initial meetings refined scope to build a stronger base for the Australasian Hub, and to have two primary areas of focus:
    • Crop diversity and associated issues such as Nagoya Protocol
    • Native flora
  • Scope to extend hub to wider genetic resources community
  • Provide authoritative scientific framework for developing an appropriate legal framework for access and use of PGR
    • Develop a ‘code of practice’
    • Develop further and lobby federal Government
  • Agreed to develop an inventory of Australasian and NZ biodiversity/bioresource collections -map genetic resource assets across Australasia
  • Develop knowledge base of Australasian native food crops with Periodic Table of Food Initiative