Hub for African Orphan Crops

The DivSeek International Regional Hub for Genomic characterization of African orphan crops aims to use workshops and training opportunities focused on bioinformatics and crop genetics to connect African leaders and scientists by building genomic databases for different crops that are important to African’s food security; strengthening African National Agricultural Research Centre (NAR) capacity to deploy crop diversity and provide access to modern bioscience technology.

Co-leads: Cathrine Ziyomo, BECA-ILRI Hub, Kenya; Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner, ILRI, Kenya; Tadessa Daba, Agricultural Biotechnology Research, Ethiopia; Godfrey Asea, National Crops Resources Research Institute, Uganda.

2021 update on Activities:
  • Focus on DNA sequencing for lablab, African yam bean
  • Connect Hub’s alumni network through workshops and training
    • Links developing with Evolutionary Crop Biology group at the University of Southampton, University of Addis Ababa Biotechnology group, JR Biotek from UK, sequencing using Oxford Nanopore.
  • Building genomic databases for different crops of importance
  • Strengthening African NARs capacity through knowledge sharing
    • Three training workshops in bionformatics planned for this year
  • Provide access to modern bioscience technology through several Hub platforms
  • Linkages with the Alliance for Science of Cornell to conduct gene – editing course