About Us

The DivSeek International Network is a global community driven Not-for-Profit organization.

It aims to facilitate the generation, integration, and sharing of data and information related to plant genetic resources (PGR). DivSeek Intl provides a forum for members to come together, it acts as a ‘hub’ to connect and promote interactions between its members, other researchers and organizations to develop and share knowledge and best practice. DivSeek Intl seeks to increase the efficiency of projects undertaken by its members, to limit redundancy and increase the availability of digital data associated with PGR to a wider community.

DivSeek Intl was launched in 2015 when partners from across the globe came together and adopted the DivSeek Intl Charter , which was subsequently updated at the 2016 Partner’s Assembly meeting.

In 2018, DivSeek Intl was re-organized and the DivSeek International Network was incorporated as a Not-for-Profit in Canada, hosted by the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan. It is currently governed by a set of Bylaws which outline the framework for the organization, consisting of

  1. The Members, comprised of representatives of member organizations, determine the strategic direction of DivSeek Intl.
  2. The Board of Directors elaborates the Program of Work in alignment with DivSeek Intl’s strategic direction and oversees its implementation.
  3. The Managing Director operationalizes and facilitates the implementation of the Program of Work.