November 7th, 2022

DivSeek AGM 2023

Working Groups

The Working Groups are tasked with advancing the mission and aims of DivSeek Intl

To help harness the power of crop diversity for food and nutritional security and for
societal and economic benefits.


Linking genotypic data to plant genetic resources …


Using modern tools to evaluate plant genetic resources …


Supporting sharing of benefits derived from plant genetic resources …

Our Latest News

White Paper 2024: Plant Genetic Resource Digital Commons – conservation to consumption

A concise White Paper has been developed as a distillation of issues that builds on prior work of the DivSeek community, feedback from stakeholders and partners.

Breedbase: a Game-Changing Open Software for Plant Breeding Management

To meet the grand challenge of breeding the next generation of climate-adapted...

Member Projects

DivSeek Intl members are involved in many projects related to Plant Genetic Resources (PGR).