Phenotyping, Ontologies and Standards

Group goal

Add value to plant genetic resources, facilitating wider utilization and accelerating crop improvement.


Plant biodiversity reflects variations in genetic composition, with emergent phenotypes dependent on interactions with specific growth environments or developmental stages. A wide range of approaches and technologies is now available for the characterization of plant genetic resources, with no consistent means of collating or comparing datasets, or sharing them among global stakeholders..


Facilitate the systematic acquisition of digital information for characterization of crop genotypes, and link the data to product end use.


We will bring together phenotyping experts, gene bank managers, breeders and other gene bank users (including scientists interested in the latest phenotyping technologies and strategies) to identify mechanisms for the standardized and repeatable phenotypic evaluation of gene bank accessions and their utilization in crop breeding programs.

Who Benefits

Plant breeders, researchers, end-users and a wide range of stakeholders involved in the supply and use of food/feed, fibre, medicines and advanced engineering materials.


Management of phenotypic information and related resources contributing to the diversity of crops, plant cultivars and ecosystems to address global and regional challenges for the sustainable production of food and other products.

Group Leaders

Andrew Sharpe (Global Institute for Food Security) and Kioumars Ghamkhar (AgResearch)