DivSeek Commons GitHub Repository

Jan 2022: DivSeek Commons  now has a public GitHub Repository.

Please note, the GitHub instance is in the early stages of development, and will increase content and functionality during 2022.
The DivSeek Commons GitHub will initially focus on bringing together and making available the following key features in support of Plant Genetic Resource information sharing:
  • Discussion Forum on specific topics or issues – these remain in public domain as a record once issues are resolved
  • Hosting of DivSeek-specific tools, integration software, etc
  • Links to relevant DivSeek Member and associated GitHub content
  • Repository for reference documents, standards definitions and training materials
  • Library of Best/Optimal Practice guideline resources, protocols, etc
  • Focus for establishment, development and maintenance of PGR-related standards

Wherever possible, the DivSeek Commons GitHub repository will be linked from/to  to easily accessible web links on the DivSeek website.


We will be providing guidance on this website for users not familiar with using GitHub directly. To be part of the discussions happening in GitHub you will first need to create a GitHub account (https://github.com/join).

We plan to make access to the GitHub material far more fluid between this website and the formal DivSeek Commons GitHub repository. This will include providing links to common member-editable Google docs etc.

If you are in a member organization of DivSeek, or active in the area of developing public domain information sharing resources and best practices related to plant genetic resources, and wish to contribute, please contact the DivSeek International Network Executive Director. We are particularly keen to welcome those with experience in use, development  and maintenance of active GitHub repositories.