DivSeek Concept Notes

Nov 2021:   We are launching the DivSeek International Network Concept Note system as a mechanism to identify, highlight and elaborate issues relating to the Mission and Goals of DivSeek.  Concept Notes may be proposed by anyone associated with a DivSeek Member or Observer organization, as well as others recognized within the Plant Genetic Resource (PGR) and associated stakeholder communities.
Concept Notes may be proposed for community interaction and feedback. We have seeded the process with a couple of initial Concept Notes.


  • The challenges for generating and sharing information relating to PGR are diverse.
  • The requirements of the Genebank and stakeholder community are multi-faceted.
  • No single approach is likely to provide universal solutions across the broad PGR community
  • Matching process and implementation to Policy is a non-trivial task and a moving target as ideas and use-cases are refined
  • Rapid technological advances in genomics, phenomics and information technology may provide new opportunities to increase information content and connectivity

Any of:

  • In line with the three major Strategic Goals of DivSeek
  • Within context of DivSeek Objectives outlined in 5-year Strategic Plan
  • Identifying specific proposals, tasks or actions that may extend objectives
  • DivSeek Members, Observers and anyone in the PGR and Stakeholder communities

We have provided a template and some examples on this page. The process involves:

  1. Downloading the template
  2. Completing as much outline or detail as you wish for a proposed Concept Note
  3. Submiting to [email protected] for approval
  4. All Concept Notes will be evaluated by the DivSeek team (Exec Director, Working Group leads and/or relevant Board members), and any feedback provided to the submitter as soon as possible (a week or two at most).
  5. Once classified and approved:
    • Members and other relevant stakeholders will be alerted to the existence of all new Concept Notes.
    • The title and initial document will appear on this website, with a link to a community-editable Google-doc.
    • This will become the ‘live’ version for comments and feedback for a period of up to 2 months. Depending on community interaction, this period may be extended.
    • Once each Concept Note is finalised it will be published on the DivSeek website and where possible a relevant Action Plan be developed in conjunction with Working Groups, ad hoc task teams and/or Hubs
  6. The existence of new Concept Notes will be notified amongst the DivSeek membership and stakeholders via news updates and in the periodic DivSeek Connect newsletter.
  • Anytime!
  • We expect this facility will be an ongoing component of DivSeek operations
Download Concept Note Template:

DivSeek Concept Note Template 2021a

Initial Concept Notes
CN1 Germplasm traceability Graham King Nov 2021