DivSeek Intl serves as a hub to connect and promote interaction and knowledge exchange among our members and their associated activities; and establishes and promotes, common state-of-the-art techniques for data collection, integration and sharing.

Our goal? To improve the efficiency of each project by eliminating redundancy and increasing the availability of data to researchers around the world to address challenges in food and nutritional security, and to generate societal and economic benefit.

DivSeek Intl has 67 member institutions from 28 countries around the world.

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Approximately 7 million crop accessions are being conserved in genebank collections worldwide. This resource represents one of the greatest, largely untapped, opportunities for accelerating yield gains and overcoming emerging crop productivity bottlenecks.

To access and creatively utilize this wealth of diversity requires that the material be characterized using state of the art tools, technologies, and methodologies, and that the data and information be subsequently shared in a form that is meaningful to users. DivSeek Intl brings together large-scale genotyping and phenotyping projects, computational and data standards projects with genebanks and germplasm curators.

Members and Observers are from:


  • Research Institutions
  • Universities
  • CGIAR Centres
  • Government