Mission & Goals


A world in which all researchers can access standardized digital information that increases respect for, and understanding of plant biodiversity. This will help to address emerging issues affecting agriculture and plant-derived value chains, and global challenges such as climate change, food and nutritional security, and limitations of natural resources, ultimately delivering economic, environmental and social benefits to all stakeholders.


DivSeek enables those who conserve and benefit from the sustainable utilization of plant biodiversity to access and harness expertise, scientific evidence, technologies and global best practices that facilitate the characterization, utilization, exchange and traceability of genetic resources.

Strategic Goals

1. Catalyze the informed conservation, management, and traceability of plant genetic resources.
2. Add value to plant genetic resources, facilitating wider utilization and accelerating crop improvement
3. Increase awareness about the biodiversity, relevance and benefit-sharing mechanisms related to use of plant genetic resources.

DivSeek Intl will focus a powerful beam of light into the depths of gene pools essential for human survival.

— Susan McCouch