Hub for Latin America

The DivSeek International Regional Hub for Latin America aims to establish a (Spanish and/or English-speaking) Latin American Community of Practice (CoP) on the use of genomic and digital tools to enhance the conservation and use of PGRFA with centers of origin in the region. Provide access to infrastructure (laboratory space, office areas, servers) at the new Future Seeds genebank (a) to work on DivSeek projects in collaboration with other hubs and (b) to coordinate workshops on topics related to ‘genebank genomics’ and policy aspects surrounding the use of digital sequence information (DSI).

Co-leads: Mónica Carvajal (Digital Genebank Scientist & Principal Investigator) and Peter Wenzl (Leader, Genetic Resources Program), Alliance of Bioversity Intl. and CIAT

2021 update on Activities:

Working with the CIMMYT hub, we have entered productive dialogue and identified from their proposals for the respective hubs areas of clear synergy.

  • Together we propose to establish a community of practice in the use of genomic and digital tools, for the conservation and use of genetic resources, with each hub playing to their relative strengths and expertise to serve the needs of the region and, through the CIMMYT hub extend the use of resources developed to the global community
  • We have also engaged with the hub proposed by the James Hutton Institute given their strength in data visualisation and management and our own productive interactions with them in the past.
  • Given the CIMMYT and CIAT hub’s extensive experience and strengths in large scale genomic and phenotypic characterisation of inbred and outbreeding cereals, legumes and clonal crops, the JHI group agreed to direct broader thematic style queries to the CIAT/CIMMYT hubs to obtain relevant advice and input.
  • The ”Digital Genebank” module of ‘Future Seeds’ building, which will be ready ending 2021, will work as a meeting and collaboration platform for the Latin American pilot hub. Link to future seeds: