DivSeek Board opens opportunity for wider network interaction with Partnership category

September 28, 2022

The DivSeek Board have recently agreed to establish an additional category for interaction with DivSeek International Network.

Presently, organisations wishing to join DivSeek can apply to become either a Member or Observer.

This month, the DivSeek Board of Directors decided to create the new ‘Partnership’ category. This opportunity will be available to organizations whose vision and goals align with those of DivSeek, and who are in a position to promote our goals and objectives.

Partner organizations may represent any economic or social sector that may interact, contribute or benefit from information about plant genetic resources.

Unlike regular Members, Partners will have no voting rights within DivSeek. Upon application, Partners will be asked to agree to a list of propositions, including: sharing our values and guiding principles; endeavouring to promote or contribute to our goals and objectives; and not using association with DivSeek for direct commercial gain.

Partners may also work with DivSeek to identify funding opportunities or allocate funding or other resources towards DivSeek operations or consortia. They will be invited to identify their primary activities as belonging to one of: public sector, NGO/NFP, private sector: commercial entity or representational organization.

DivSeek Members are organisations that work towards achieving the goals and objectives set out in our Strategic Plan, and encompass a broad base of academic and research institutions, government agencies, and inter-governmental organizations around the world. They attend Members meetings and may have voting rights.

Observers, on the other hand, are stakeholder organisations who are simply interested in DivSeek’s mission and wish to receive information and updates on our activities. They may participate in meetings but have no voting rights.

The Board’s decision realizes an opportunity to ensure that the wider stakeholder community is represented by DivSeek and able to get involved.