White Paper 2024: Plant Genetic Resource Digital Commons – conservation to consumption

February 2, 2024

A concise White Paper has been developed as a distillation of issues that builds on prior work of the DivSeek community, feedback from stakeholders and partners. The content emerged from a workshop sponsored by DivSeek International Network in June 2023 at Cornell University.


We believe this encapsulates the current key research, development, and service concepts and capabilities available for the Plant Genetic Resource conservation, crop improvement, and broader stakeholder communities.

Priority activities required to tackle problems in this domain are highlighted (p3 + in full pp8-11).

We are seeking feedback and leads to any current/upcoming opportunities you can identify to advance these activities (funding or active collaboration)

We thank all who continue to support DivSeek and define its future direction and contributions.  We are working to make the DivSeek network more engaged and impactful in the coming year.


Mar 2024