Highlights from our AGM

May 19, 2022


Our Annual General Meeting was held in January this year, and was followed by three Roundtable Workshops featuring talks by fourteen speakers on a variety of topics. Each of these talks is now available to watch on our website, along with .pdf files of the presentations.

There were 44 attendees at the AGM, and 63 attendees across the three workshops. The audience participation included valuable verbal and ‘chat’ discussions, some of which led to ongoing debate and exciting new initiatives.

Among some key points that emerged were:

  1. The opportunity for more engagement between genebanks and those generating genomic resources, so that digital sequence information (DSI) can contribute to genebank management. Likewise, the need for feedback of information to genebanks when it comes to using and benefitting from DSI.
  2. The need for a focused Task Team to tackle the issue of tracking germplasm from genebank to GenBank.
  3. The need for a Task Team to identify genebank use-cases that showcase how the TK/BC system can add value to PGR in relation to access and benefit sharing.

Revisit some of our selected highlights here:

  • Theo van Hintum – the essential role of information in providing genebank services
  • Pankaj Jaiswal – Widening the impact of DOI for traceability and ABS
  • Cyril Pommier – Use of DOIs and BioSampleID in context of MIAPPE and characterisation of plant genetic resources
  • Jane Anderson and Maui Hudson – Best practices and the use of TK and BC Labels for Plant Genetic Resources