Introducing ‘Task Teams’

May 19, 2022


Last year, we released the DivSeek Strategic Plan 2021-2026, which outlined our vision and strategic goals – as well as the primary means for achieving them, namely Hubs and Working Groups. Hubs are self-governing groups of members and non-members, and Working Groups are focused advisory groups that help to identify challenges, gaps and opportunities.

However, to meet our specific objectives, we require more dedicated resources. That’s why we have recently launched Task Teams as a new mechanism for driving activities and meeting our KPIs.

Task Teams are ad hoc groups drawn from DivSeek member organisations that include other experts and practitioners. The Teams are brought together to address specific issues and develop White Papers, recommendations or implementation plans for targeted projects – such as developing community standards, training programs, identifying best practices, or integrating data platforms.

Task Teams may be formed as a result of Working Groups meetings, roundtable discussions, or our community-driven Concept Notes. For instance, the recent DivSeek Roundtable Workshops highlighted the technical problem of tracking germplasm as it acquires Digital Sequencing Information – the “genebank to GenBank” conundrum. Since then, a dedicated Task Team has been formed to address practical solutions to the problem, such as how BioSampleIDs can be resolved back to their originating germplasm DOIs.

“We are looking forward to establishing an array of time-limited ad hoc and targeted Task Teams, that will allow us to remain agile in addressing our objectives as DivSeek moves forward” says Executive Director Graham King.