2021 Board of Directors Nominations

New board members needed! Nine new openings on the DivSeek Board of Directors

DivSeek International works with members and observers to develop and share methodologies, open-source software tools, and best practices to facilitate the generation, integration, and sharing of data and information related to plant genetic resources (PGR).

By creating a community of practice and making it possible to track and share information about PGR, DivSeek International aims to empower gene bank managers, breeders, researchers and farmers to better characterize, disseminate and utilize plant genetic variation for accelerated crop improvement, strategic research, and sustainable production of food and agricultural products around the world.

The Board of Directors hold regular meetings throughout the year. At present these are all held via Zoom with consideration of different global time zones.

To nominate (or self-nominate) someone for election to the Board of Directors by Members of DivSeek International Network, please download and complete the form below. This must be submitted via email to info@divseekintl.org by 5 pm EST Mar 12.

Note: There is no requirement for a Director to be associated with a member institution. 

The period of nominations has been extended by a month

Jan 12    – Nominations open
Mar 12    – Nominations close 5pm EST
Mar 15    – Election open
Apr 1      – Election close 5pm EST
Apr 12    – Outcome announced