AGILE Lentil Diversity

AGILE: Application of Genomic Innovation in the Lentil Economy

Goal of AGILE is to enhance the productivity and quality of Canadian lentils by expediting the expansion of genetic diversity of the Canadian lentil germplasm base with the use of genomic technologies.

AGILE will first characterize the genetic variability available within the primary and secondary gene pools of the genus Lens through extensive genotyping and phenotyping. The information will be used to determine the genetic basis of the contrasting adaptation characteristics of lentils from the three main growing regions: northern temperate, Mediterranean and S. Asia. Secondly AGILE will develop breeder-friendly markers for tracking response to photoperiod, temperature and light quality, and generate resources and tools to allow breeders to better use exotic germplasm and wild relatives while reducing any negative impacts. A systematic study of symbiont diversity will allow for a better understanding of ways to improve the nitrogen fixation process in lentils.

Results of AGILE will help develop a thorough understanding of lentil and its wild relatives. Resources developed by this project will improve the agility of the lentil breeding program by introducing genetic diversity with greater precision, and speed up the breeding cycle. This project will also foster international partnership, which is critical for long-term success of the international lentil community.

The AGILE phenotyping activity, in three parts of the world will deliver comprehensive dataset of phenological data from contrasting environments for 350 diverse lentil lines, as well as to determine the genetic control of key phenological traits for lentil. Genetic control and heritability of the traits that are segregating will be determined through the statistical analysis.

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