DivSeek Canada Resource

The DivSeek Canada Resource

The DivSeek Canada Resource is a relational database and web portal package designed to help breeders and geneticists manage genomic, genotypic and phenotypic data without the need to develop their own tools. The resource offers two data management platforms:

The DivSeek Canada portal provides an affordable option to support small and medium-sized crops with a place to publicly store and organize data. It allows researchers to leverage the genetic diversity in live collections and seed banks by providing tools and integrated data in a cohesive information management platform. The DivSeek Canada portal flagship crops are Lentil, Flax and Sunflower, with data and tools already available. This platform can be easily extended to accommodate additional crops.

The Tripal Crop Docker makes it easy to build your own customized version of the DivSeek Canada portal. This well documented package provides administrative interfaces, pages for your content, security, user management, and tools to create the site you want. The Tripal Crop Docker equips you for data import with metadata collection forms, and provides data-driven visualization options. KnowPulse is a specialized database built entirely using open-source extensions available to Tripal Crop Docker sites. Explore here to see what it can do.

Both of these platforms meet FAIR and TRUST data management and storage guiding principles.

The DivSeek Canada Resource makes data wrangling in genetics spaces easier, more comprehensive, affordable and more controlled by you.

To discuss options with our team, please contact our Lead Developer, Lacey Sanderson at [email protected].