From Barcodes to Bushels

From Barcodes to Bushels; Bridging the gap between gene banks and crop improvement | Gaterslaben, Germany,  17-20 October 2022

This workshop is a one-time event, designed as a small group to explore solutions for improving sequence data management. Obviously, given the current DNA sequencing technologies and the ensuing trend in accumulation of sequence data, the issues regarding data organisation, quality control, annotation and interpretation become a priority. This workshop explore how improving data generation and data management practices related to crop diversity will impact all aspects of gene bank management including increased effectiveness of conservation priorities, more precise validation of identity and integrity, and more accurate estimation and prediction of genetic value. These improvements rely on the use of community standards and methods that facilitate data integration, based on exemplar projects that have been implemented in a few major crops. One of the aims of the workshop is therefore to attempt to developing a set of standard sampling and data management practices, so that gene banks will become more efficient at conservation, better able to deliver this diversity to national and international stakeholders and more able to engage as partners in research focused on food security and sustainability. Additionally, best practices related to “non-monetary forms of fair and equitable benefit sharing” as outlined in International Treaties, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Nagoya Protocol and the International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources in Food and Agriculture will be identified.

Barcodes to Bushels is a conference sponsored by the Co-operative Research Programme: Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems  of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Organiser and primary contact: Dr Chris Richards