Member projects

DivSeek Intl members are an extensive community of multidisciplinary researchers, conservationists, gene bank curators, breeders, farmers, policy makers, funders, and donors involved in all aspects of the conservation, characterisation, utilisation and sharing of information about plant genetic resources (PGR) that may affect economic, environmental or health outcomes.

They are involved in a range of projects that accelerate the development of climate resilient crops; enhance food and nutritional security; address global challenges related to sustainable production and utilization of crops for food, feed, fibre, fuel and medicinal products; and expand and advance productive, collaborative research across geographies and disciplines.  Some of these projects are profiled below.

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Germplasm Characterization

AGILE Lentil Diversity

Durum Wheat Community

AGENT – Activated GEnebank NeTwork

IPK Barley Collection


DivSeek Canada Resource

The Germinate Platform